Return of the Imperial Obelisk

Imperial Obelisk
2 min readAug 22, 2022


Everything related IMP has been in the works, but the timing of International market collapse has put a dent into everything slowing progress greatly. Not only is IMP and other crypto affected, so is the entire world and everyone working on this project.

Coming back we’ve made a decision to relaunch the coin with ZERO tax, to accommodate anyone hit and refocusing our priorities, starting with giving everyone a fair chance and avoiding high fees.

Reasons for launching the coin with zero tax is due to death of tax contracts, and inevitably dragging the life of a coin down with it, lack of forethought here has cost us as changing tax post current contract settings is not possible.

Migration will be simple to V2 IMP, $IMP will be sent to an official wallet, the wallet will sell out of the coin in ETH, and put all LP back into V2 IMP, result will be tax free as well.

Do not send to ANY wallet before the location it came from is CONFIRMED, either by Telegram (official) and or this very Medium account.

THE OFFICIAL WALLET ADDRESS IS: 0x0E198545147fa12e3c6cb2cfc5876ee3c5840f27 (send $IMP only)

Those that buy AFTER we announce the wallet to send to will not be compensated, do it before migration is finished!

Once IMP is ready to be relaunched, migration will happen, afterwards we’re looking to hire moderators for the telegram to keep it clean and active, and helping organize anything important on top of being there to advertise.

Part of V2 IMP will be the game launch, so far all progress is going smoothly and further concepts and teasers will be shown in Medium and Telegram respectively.

A big move we have to also organize is IMP in CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to be moved to V2, which we will make happen once migration is finished.

Twitter is a huge part of any coin and we are going to get someone to be fully active on there with proper connections and understanding of how to get word around.


We are back.



Imperial Obelisk

Imperial Obelisk — $IMP Cryptocurrency Team, on ERC20.