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Imperial Obelisk’s Lite-paper summary

“On the 29th of September $IMP saw a rise to 260,000$ Market Cap, with a subsequent fall to 180,000$ on 30th of September. On 1st October $IMP saw a rise to 255,000$ once again, almost beating previous all time high.”

Lite-paper summarization — —


1. Tokenomics

Imperial Obelisk is a community focused token, with all tokens available on Uniswap and no team wallets. Imperial Obelisk has a 5% reflection upon each transaction and a 5% marketing fee, that we’ve countless times proven to be used for that particular reason and building trust with our investors.

Liquidity is locked for over 200 days. -

2. Imperial Obelisk’s real purpose

“We are aiming to create an immersive resource gathering, world exploring and crafting experience by taking on elements of games such as Minecraft, Decentraland and Terraria and combining them to create the ultimate indie adventure experience powered by NFTs”

Additionally, with Imperial Obelisk, our token $IMP is essential for those wanting to rapidly expand their monument collection. $IMP is required for the purchase of 20x20 plots in our 20000x20000 world map. $IMP is also required for in-game staking and for equipment upgrades.

We’ll also be looking into different kinds of merch that would be available for sale in ETH or by completing certain in-game tasks and or achievements.

3. Why invest?

In 2020 alone, Crypto Games generated gamers a worldwide revenue of $321.000.000. This was before this year’s bull market run and subsequently it’s NFT bull market run. In the growing space of crypto gaming, the upside for all investors is ludicrous.

The market for this is still young, and there’s lots of avenues to be explored. We’re going to be the ones to pave the way for investors, and the future.

4. Crowdfunded Liquidity

$IMP’s community took it upon themselves to add liquidity at unprecedented rates! As of September 30, 2021, $IMP has around 56% Of the liquidity locked and the other 44% coming from holders themselves. This is something that is rarely seen, in the early stages of a project such as this.

5. How does it come together?

A intricate and detailed explanation can be found in the official document itself,

Use case explained in pages 7 and 8.

6. Future Plans

Links uploaded to Etherscan, contract audit, various listings like CoinGecko, hire Unity developers, reach 1000 holders and begin work on the $IMP NFTs.

Main focus is to create enough interest and awareness, reach new investors and gain a more on-par userbase, from which we will build only up.

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Liquidity Lock:


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Imperial Obelisk

Imperial Obelisk — $IMP Cryptocurrency Team, on ERC20.