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2 min readOct 2, 2021

Imperial Obelisk nearly at 500,000$ Market Cap + Site Update

On 30th of September, $IMP went from a price of 0.1094 to 0.2644 on October 2nd and subsequently hit 0.3958 on October 3rd.

Imperial Obelisk also went in only a few days from around 250,000$ Market Cap to a whopping 395,000$, if this continues we’ll see 500,000$ very shortly, and 1,000,000$ by the end of the month, but this will heavily depend on market activity, if the volume surpasses any sells or if the volume is low but consistent and token holders do not sell, would make this pathway possible, otherwise we might see a slightly slower rise with more dips potentially for those who missed the previous ones.

Currently there is a total of 19.42 pooled WETH combined

The amount of ETH in this project is currently astounding, atleast by standards of Telegram marketing with only 197 Telegram members currently in the project group, not everyone is always in these groups who invest but this is a definitive example of the potential that more wide and broad marketing can achieve.

To answer the important question of: “Are you still early?” the answer is, yes.

We’ve got a long road ahead of us and this is only the start, our goal is to push this project to new boundaries, reach a fantastic amount of community involvement, and reveal more plans for the future, including the concept of our lite-paper.

Site Redesign

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