Imperial Obelisk
3 min readSep 28, 2021
Imperial Obelisk


Imperial Obelisk is a cryptocurrency launched on the 21st of August, 2021 on the Ethereum Blockchain with a very creative community. $IMP

Since 21st of August Imperial Obelisk had a triple top initial surge, but fell off on 24–25th August due to extreme gas fees by OpenSea, any marketing at this time was put on hold by the NFT craze.

Imperial Obelisk’s liquidity is locked for nearly 7 months.

Imperial Obelisk currently has 125 active telegram members, the token itself has a 1 quintillion total supply that is 100% available on Uniswap, the team holds no tokens.

In place are marketing fees, as opposed to giving the developers and or other people a chance to sell their own creating a disconnect between developers and the community on-top of creating distress and fear in charts if the sells happen to be high.


On September 20th to September 26th we noticed that gas was very stable as opposed to August’s and start of September’s 150–600 gwei totaling 100–800$ Uniswap transaction fees, mostly spiking and dropping between these numbers in as short as 10 seconds.

During 26–27th September we had begun speaking to people across social media, planning a slow but sure stable natural growth in a relatively calm manner to achieve trustworthy and firm believers in our token as to not create a situation where the only holders you have are the ones who are in it for the fast money and have no faith in what you’ve created, most often sabotaging initial growth around 0–100k Market Cap and or possibly further, depending how quickly the growth has happened. Our plan for the future is big,

As of 28th September Imperial Obelisk is sitting at a 60,000$ Market Cap with 99 total holders as of 19:13 UTC, and a liquidity of 34,000$.


You can find us mainly on Telegram, where you can talk with the developers and mods directly and get any answers or proposals for marketing or deals and the like, otherwise we are on Twitter and of course Uniswap.

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Imperial Obelisk

Imperial Obelisk — $IMP Cryptocurrency Team, on ERC20.