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2 min readSep 29, 2021


Imperial Obelisk crossing 200,000$ Market Cap?

Today on 29th September 2021, Imperial Obelisk managed to hit 110+ holders, and 194,000$ Market Cap.

Following yesterday’s rally, all newcomers held dearly and so the long-term holders from last month till now, creating a very beautiful but uneasy experience for people wanting to buy $IMP , due to the uncertainty if the chart will hold, as it has for a few days now. The rally has continued today, and seems to be still going with very low sell ratio.

We’re confident that this is only the beginning.

On the topic of marketing we’ve contacted multiple Telegram call channels, initiating our first phase of social media marketing, after this we’ll be moving on to more different strategies while employing this one simultaneously. Examples of these call channels include: Wolf of Nor, Danesanity, Vegeta, Bobocalls etc.

Our main focus was to get an initial holder base that would be faithful to our idea and project, as to establish a safe foundation from which we can only build up, and not fall down as heavily as most other projects that have the initial holders leave everyone hanging. This is something we can guarantee we have worked greatly on.

Focus on getting $IMP known across social media is the priority, nothing is better than wide publicity and word of mouth, rather than call channels and the like, though often requested by the community is the big reason we’ve decided to reach out. We’ve got lots of things coming, and we’re going to make sure this is something to remember.

Our definitive focus is on the community, and we’re here to prove it.

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